Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Photography Favorites of the Week

Winston napping; a sunflower field in formation.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Happygirl Character

To go along with my online persona, I have created a new character. Her name is happygirl and she represents happiness and the calmness of yin. The design of her is simple because simplicity is often the key to serenity. She is one of my alteregos. I want to share something positive in my art. While I would love to make money from being creative, simply because we all want to be able to follow our bliss without financial limitations, I also want to share art that has a positive and loving aspect. Yet, as I say that, I am thinking about times when art is dark, which can be just as amazing and beautiful. Oh well, part of being creative is containing seemingly opposite truths.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Favorite Photography

These are my favorite photos that I have taken as I explore the wonderful world of photography!

Creativity and Courage

Creativity is as much about courage as anything else. I am a relative newbie to the visual arts. I think that that fact is clear through my work that I have shared so far. One might ask, why share it if you know it is rudimentary and simplistic?

I love doing anything artistic. If I could, I would go take art classes but money and time prevent me. What I am doing at this point, is treating it as a hobby. I read everything I can about the visual arts in which I am interested. I also evaluate and study the work of others, particularly the ones that I am inspired by.

Still, why do I share my productions? The main reason is to get feedback, to see what people are attracted to and get comments that will help me grow in this area. Also, it is a good way to record my early work and see my progress over time.

Art is very subjective and quite often the artist will think something they created is brilliant yet it does not translate to the audience. On the other side of it, an artist may be really unsure of something and get a really strong positive reaction from the audience. Ultimately, to be in the creative world, you have to be willing to be a fool in order to have moments of genius. I am willing to be the fool 99 percent of the time if I can capture a moment of genius 1 percent of the time. Besides, I have been the fool so many times, I am used to it!