Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bonesetter's Daughter by Amy Tan--Not Broken!

I love Amy Tan. She has long been one of my favorite writers. I think I should be up front about that before I dive into a review of her novel Bonesetter's Daughter. Also, it is important to know that I like character driven novels versus novels that are more plot-driven.

Bonesetter's Daughter, and most of Amy Tan's writing, is character-driven. Tan does this type of writing masterfully. This novel is no exception. What Tan does so well in terms of character is give us someone with strengths and weaknesses. There is tragedy and hope residing in the same house, giving the reader the full spectrum of human experience.

As with her other novels, we see a personal journey of the character in dealing with cultural and generational differences. Additionally, there is a seeking for understanding the experiences of those closest to us and trying to understand another human being's journey. This novel is a study of a mother/daughter relationship and the daughter's journey to truly understand her mothers' story.

It is definitely classic Amy Tan. Although I enjoyed the novel, I prefer Kitchen God's Wife. However, if you are an Amy Tan fan like me, you will definitely enjoy this novel. I also highly recommend all of Tan's short stories for the same reasons. On my bookmark scale [from 1 (burn after reading to 10 (I can read this ten more times)], I'll give this novel a 7.5.

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