Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Best Gifts are Creative Gifts

I believe that finding the perfect gift for someone is an art. There is no thrill like getting someone a gift that they really love and can really use. However, this is not an easy feat!

My boyfriend, John, has an eleven-year old daughter, M. This age is very difficult to shop for! For that matter, John is hard to shop for. So, when faced with a challenge, I try to get the creative juices flowing to explore options. This exploring has led me to creative gift giving.

For M., I like to give her creative project gifts that many times are things I would enjoy as well. This way, it not only inspires her creativity but leads to an activity we can do together. An example of what I mean is:

Both M. and I like the show Project Runway. We have also used this kit together. It was a lot of fun and helped us both be more creative. It was also a way to spend some fun time together.

For John, it is also difficult to find good gifts. He loves knights and anything associated with that time period so one thing I like to get him are cool T-shirts that he would wear and are unique to what he likes. Zazzle is a great place for these types of products. Zazzle has several unique products that can be for almost anyone! Here is an example of what I might get him.

Joust shirt
Joust by BrazenHussy
Buy shirts at

I will keep posting great gift ideas until Christmas. We all could use help picking good gifts!

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