Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Favorite "Awareness" Blogs

What do I mean by "Awareness" blogs? These are blogs that talk about being aware of who we are and how it affects others. They do have a spiritual tone but have more practicality than just discussing abstract spiritual ideas. Others might also call them self-improvement blogs; however, that also short changes what these blogs are about and what they offer readers.

1. Anyone doing a list of the top "awareness" blogs would include Leo Babuto's blog. He is the leader in this field. There is such an amazing tone to his writing and blog. His blog is simple and pure, with practical wisdom that benefits all kinds of people, no matter your beliefs or lifestyles. He simply helps the readers know themselves better and live better lives.

2. This blog is really wonderful. Nadia is an amazing writer and an amazing person. She talks about having had a near death experience as a teenager. This NDE seems to have tuned her into something deeper and more spiritual than is in the general awareness of society. Her compassion is so clear in her writings. Also, when you comment on her post, she writes a response, which is always kind, loving, and thoughtful.

3. Lisis is the woman behind this blog. What I enjoy about this blog is the sweetness in the writing. She has a kindness and vulnerability in her writing that reaches out to the audience in a very real way. Lisis also responds to her reader's comments in a kind and thoughtful way.

When I read these blogs, it is not only the insights but the reminder to act out of a place of peace with yourself. They help me recenter and remind me of the compassion and love that needs to drive all actions. Sometimes, I get so angry and frustrated with my job or certain things in my personal life, and reading these blogs help me take that breath and remember the peace I had forgotten. I'd love to hear the "awareness" blogs that you love!

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