Sunday, January 3, 2010

Weight Resolution--A Pound of Flesh (or more!)

Well, like everyone else, I have made resolutions for 2010. One of those resolutions, like many others, is to lose some weight. Weight has been an ongoing struggle for me for several years. The main reason is my passion for chocolate (and stress eating) which I talked about last February

I have gone down about 12 pounds in two years of being a Weight Watcher. I know that many of you are thinking, what!, that's it! just 12 pounds in two years! It has definitely been an up and down journey. I am not upset about it because if I wasn't in the program, I most likely would have gained a huge amount of weight. The program stopped me in the process of eating like a maniac. I was on the fast track to obesity.

I gained a couple of pounds over this Christmas Holiday. So, now, it is time to refocus. My sister and I are going to motivate each other. The first person to lose five pounds gets a book or cd bought by the other person. She does not need to lose as much as I do. She recently lost like thirty pounds. She is an exercise fiend, so all she had to do to shed the pounds was change her diet and portions, which she did quite successfully. I need to ammend my diet and exercise more often. I hope that I win this one!

I'd love to hear your major resolutions and I will keep you updated on my progress.


  1. Yes, it's true, I am an "exercise fiend" as my sister refers to me (lovingly, I'm sure) above. We come from a long line of chocoholics so it makes it really difficult for us to lose weight! I lost 30 pounds by counting every calorie I ate against every one I burned. It was hard but soooo worth it when an old pair of jeans fit and friends kept telling me how great I looked. Now it's time to go all the way and finally reach my "golden range" of where I want to be. I'm down 1 pound over the past week and it was not easy-the siren Call of Chocolate never stops...My sister and I have tapped into something that will help us both reach our goals-our innate competitive stubbornness. Along with the knowledge that whomever wins (me) will hold it over the others (her) head and gleefully brandish their (my) prize. In the end, I want my sister to make her goals, for health's long as I make mine first. My sister, I own you!!!

  2. good job, never mind the holiday season.

    I never make new year resolutions, because I know I never keep them. I would like to lose 10 lbs.