Saturday, January 30, 2010

Weight Update--Keeping Chin Up

I was not happy with the news from Weight Watchers today.  Someone suggested for me to get more protein so I will try that this week.  Protein is always a concern since I am a pescatarian (eat fish and veggies, no land meat).  Anyway, I send good thoughts to others on the same quest for healthy weight loss!

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  1. I have been a vegetarian for thirty years. Well, I eat wild caught fish about once a week. I have not eaten anything with diary products for the same amount of time. Eggs were scraped for years until I found a nice lady who had eight chickens that all lived in a beautiful coop with a pond and security fence. She had to convince me that she never ate her chickens or sold them for meat. Now I eat a few eggs a week but I still check all the little chicken faces when I go to pick up my eggs. :)

    I weigh about 114 pounds but I owe it to eating only whole grains, fruits, and veggies. I never touch butter or sugar or any type of processed food. Once you actually get the taste of sugar and butter out of your system you can actually taste food.

    My husband and I are both 62. He eats the same I do, and for as long. When people mention doctors to us, we ask, "A what?" We just don't get sick. Oh, I did go the doctor 14 years ago when I got a sinus infection.

    Email me if you need some eating tips. Oh, and pick up a copy of Sugar Blues and read about sugar addiction. An interesting book.