Sunday, February 28, 2010

Haiku Bones and OneSingleImpression

The prompt this week for haiku bones is sleep.
Here is my haiku:

I carry the moon
and sun across the cool Earth.
Sinking in, I sleep.

The prompt for onesingleimpression is running:

The Running

He stretches his legs
feels the tendons taut
against his skin,
feels the blood begin
its beat, hot and full
through his body.

Time to run,
running is all he knows,
under this bleeding sky
and cool wind that wipes
all thoughts clean.
Purifying, runner's high,
he can forget.

First step,
goes her eyes
from blue cornflower
to black holes,
then her hair
like golden wheat
to vast blankness,
third step, her smile,
like a vast emptiness
inside his solar plexus.

His breath merges with the sky,
his heart a stone kicked
ahead of him,
his muscles burn
under a greying dome.

If you like my poetry, you can check out some more of them here:
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in the city

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Six Word Saturday

I'm glad to have taxes done.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Read Write Poem

This week's prompt from readwritepoem is "what do you believe".  For this one, it was suggested to write two lists.  I did follow the directions and for a long time, I was stumped.  Then, suddenly, this is what came out!  Hope you enjoy!

Open this road
like a vein,
let the blood spill--
a red souvenir.

Escape is the only real thing
I can believe in.
I can only worship the yawning
chasm of possibility
held before me in the darkness
like a prayer.

Run, run, run
I can run forever
and not stop for even a breath,
this is what I want
to believe--
that escape is possible.

are the palm trees
blue water
sweet air
waiting for me to breathe.

I've tried it all,
the retribution
resuscitation of old loves.
Heart crusted with rusted
dust; I turn over my palm
to see it's time to go.

Just one more mile, one more minute,
I am free.

Friday Shoot-Out: Favorite

Well, to celebrate a year of FSO, we were supposed to pick our favorite topic.  There were so many to choose from!  What I did is choose a variety from past FSO postings.  These photos are some of my favorites.  Check out for more FSO shooters.  These shots are my favorites for different reasons, as I will explain:
This is John trying on a hat in a store.  I make him try on hats because he takes on the personality of the hat so well!

This is what I call "The Door to Nowhere" although I do not know its actual intention.  It is down the street from where I live and I pass by it quite often.  I just find it to be fascinating!  Maybe one day I will find out its true purpose.

This was taken at an outside place of worship known as "Padre Pio".  It is a very peaceful place and I love the feel of it being outside.

I liked this one because I had fun playing around with it on the computer.  I am just learning about editing photos so practicing can be quite entertaining!

This is a view from my balcony.  NJ has really gotten an unbelievable amount of snow this winter and we may be getting a lot more tonight!!

This I took while on a "photo walk" with John's daughter, M.  We just basically took a walk around the apartment complex taking pictures of anything that inspired us. 

This picture I like because I love taking shots of the sky and I love looking at the sky.  It has the most amazing colors sometimes.

I must say that I have loved participating in the FSO.  It has been an inspiration and a great learning experience, not to mention that there are so many great photographers who participate.  I can't wait to participate for another year! 

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Retro Wednesday

Every Wednesday, I am going to share with you a poem I wrote several years ago.  I am posting it simply because I like to share my poetry and I have a lot of poems from my past.  If you would like to join me in honoring your creative past, feel free to share your link below--it can be a memory, a poem, a photograph, a drawing, whatever you feel like!

This poem I wrote when I was around fifteen or sixteen--not sure of the exact date.  It was not based on any particular person.  I basically wrote it playing with the idea of persona. 


Night reaches out for me,
It's finger-tip blackness
wraps around my eyes.
Do you believe
I cannot look at you?

You mouth secret words
at me, pretending
I know what they mean,
You smile
as if you don't own your face;
Prevarication--my toy from
your own hand;

These lies that sleep
in your throat
Awaken at the worst
Taint me like brown blood
that sits, stale,
And waits to be cleaned
by indifferent rags;
Death to you, dear boy,
I can't bear your voice.

Movie Review: Why I Loved And Hated "Click"

I recently watched a comedy on television starring Adam Sandler and Kate Beckinsale, called "Click". The basic premise is about a guy who comes across a universal remote that can control his life.  What I loved about this movie was the overall message that a person needs to be present in every moment of their life to really get the most out of life.  Even the bad moments are important and can teach us important lessons.  I also liked the message that family and relationships are more important than money or material possessions.

What I hated about this movie was the "perfect woman" illusion.  Kate Beckinsale plays this perfect, stay at home wife who is beautiful, golden-hearted, and a size 0.  She is the male fantasy of a wife while Adam Sandler's character tries to learn his lessons.  To me, this is an unrealistic portrayal of women and just panders to unrealistic male fantasies as well as expectations of what women should be.  Such a small percentage of woman, after having two children, look like a Dallas cheerleader in shorts and a tank top, who has perfect hair and makeup in the morning saying goodbye to her husband.  I have thought for a very long time that we need to expand our views in mainstream American society for what is beautiful.  It seems like in Hollywood, if you are ten pounds over starving, you need to go on a diet to be considered worthwhile and attractive. 

Anyway, it is such a prevalent problem in mainstream movies that I cannot just hold this movie responsible.  Overall, I did find it entertaining--not to mention I like Christopher Walken who is also in the movie.  He is a unique character!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Poem: Insomnia

This week's prompt from one single impression is insomnia.

I have an old poem on the topic, if you are interested:  insomnia after the conversation

Here is one that I just wrote:

The night leaks its ink
writing words across the air.
My eyes are open.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Weight Loss Update

Well, due to the "snowmageddon" (term used on the news), I had missed one week of Weight Watchers.  Luckily, I finally went down instead of up!  It was a loss of .4 pounds.  While not a huge loss, I am just happy to be going in the right direction.  Weight loss is such a struggle!  In my previous weight post, Patty, whose blog is crisfieldnews, gave me some great tips!  What she says makes a lot of sense and I really was grateful for the time she took to share her knowledge.  (As a side note, Patty is an amazing photographer and does a great job highlighting the beauty of her town in Maryland).

It is the sugary foods that do me in and I am trying to transition to healthier, more natural foods.  When it comes to food, I self-sabotage quite often and if I can get to the core of that, I think I will be much more successful.  Good luck to all of you in accomplishing your goals!  And I love all tips and quips!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Slumdog Millionaire: A Review

After several friends recommending it, I finally got around to seeing "Slumdog Millionaire".  As with many great movies, this movie was inspired by Vikas Swarup's Q & A: A Novel.  And it was a great movie.  It was the type of movie that at the end, I had the "Wow" reflex.  The "Wow" reflex is that happy feeling I get when I know I've just seen an amazing movie or read a great book. 

What's so great about this movie?  It takes an old story structure and executes it brilliantly.  We all know the classic rags to riches archetype as well as the archetype of lost love found again--redemption, love, suffering ending with great fortune going to the golden hearted. 

All these classic ideas are put into the context of India where the main character comes from unbelievable poverty and misfortune, yet retains his moral sense and a purity of love for a girl.  Everything about the movie is familiar yet new, classic yet modern, incredibly tragic and incredibly exultant.  This is why we watch movies! 

Monday, February 1, 2010

Invention of Lying: A Review

I just finished watching the movie "Invention of Lying" with Ricky Gervais and Jennifer Garner.  This movie was a cute comedy, entertaining for a movie on demand.  I don't think I would have wanted to pay the theater rates to see it; however, it was pleasant. 
What I found noteworthy about the movie, though, is the interesting concept.  In the movie, mankind never developed the capacity to lie.  In fact, their entertainment is just reading history--no such thing as fiction.  The main character develops the ability to lie. 

After watching the movie, I started to wonder what people would say if they were incapable of lying.  What if the ability to lie was taken away for just a ten minute period!  Relationships would transform.  What if politicians had to be totally honest for ten minutes! 

A movie with a similar theme was Liar Liar with Jim Carrey.  Only, it was the reverse of "Invention of Lying" in which Jim Carrey's character was forced to tell the truth for a certain period of time.

What both of these movies show is the complexity of the truth and how the harsh truth is not always the most helpful.  Sometimes, the fictions we tell ourselves and others becomes a form of preservation.  However, it can also become a dangerous dependency. 

Also, "Invention of Lying" showed that there are deeper truths that are sometimes covered up by what appears to be the truth. 

So, ultimately, I liked the comedy aspect and thought the premise was interesting.