Sunday, February 28, 2010

Haiku Bones and OneSingleImpression

The prompt this week for haiku bones is sleep.
Here is my haiku:

I carry the moon
and sun across the cool Earth.
Sinking in, I sleep.

The prompt for onesingleimpression is running:

The Running

He stretches his legs
feels the tendons taut
against his skin,
feels the blood begin
its beat, hot and full
through his body.

Time to run,
running is all he knows,
under this bleeding sky
and cool wind that wipes
all thoughts clean.
Purifying, runner's high,
he can forget.

First step,
goes her eyes
from blue cornflower
to black holes,
then her hair
like golden wheat
to vast blankness,
third step, her smile,
like a vast emptiness
inside his solar plexus.

His breath merges with the sky,
his heart a stone kicked
ahead of him,
his muscles burn
under a greying dome.

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  1. Great pieces - and that cat; a totally different animal outdoors.

  2. Thanks for this insight into the running experience. Now I have an idea what it's all about.

  3. Sleep and running - great combination! The 'sleep' haiku is so mythically magical. Lovely. The 'running' poem is surely full of insight about that topic. Nice post!

  4. very nice...what a combination..

  5. Ah, sleep and running. That is my image of Heaven. I hope to get back when the snow leaves.
    Wonderful work.

  6. exercise can bring up so many feelings, thoughts and memories. Your poem is wonderful.

  7. You write very powerful and strong images. Wonderful!

  8. Both of them are really wonderful

  9. What a beautiful haiku! The Creator rests?

  10. Both are beautiful but the haiku is extraordinary. It gives such a feeling of peace.