Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Movie Review: Why I Loved And Hated "Click"

I recently watched a comedy on television starring Adam Sandler and Kate Beckinsale, called "Click". The basic premise is about a guy who comes across a universal remote that can control his life.  What I loved about this movie was the overall message that a person needs to be present in every moment of their life to really get the most out of life.  Even the bad moments are important and can teach us important lessons.  I also liked the message that family and relationships are more important than money or material possessions.

What I hated about this movie was the "perfect woman" illusion.  Kate Beckinsale plays this perfect, stay at home wife who is beautiful, golden-hearted, and a size 0.  She is the male fantasy of a wife while Adam Sandler's character tries to learn his lessons.  To me, this is an unrealistic portrayal of women and just panders to unrealistic male fantasies as well as expectations of what women should be.  Such a small percentage of woman, after having two children, look like a Dallas cheerleader in shorts and a tank top, who has perfect hair and makeup in the morning saying goodbye to her husband.  I have thought for a very long time that we need to expand our views in mainstream American society for what is beautiful.  It seems like in Hollywood, if you are ten pounds over starving, you need to go on a diet to be considered worthwhile and attractive. 

Anyway, it is such a prevalent problem in mainstream movies that I cannot just hold this movie responsible.  Overall, I did find it entertaining--not to mention I like Christopher Walken who is also in the movie.  He is a unique character!

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