Saturday, February 13, 2010

Weight Loss Update

Well, due to the "snowmageddon" (term used on the news), I had missed one week of Weight Watchers.  Luckily, I finally went down instead of up!  It was a loss of .4 pounds.  While not a huge loss, I am just happy to be going in the right direction.  Weight loss is such a struggle!  In my previous weight post, Patty, whose blog is crisfieldnews, gave me some great tips!  What she says makes a lot of sense and I really was grateful for the time she took to share her knowledge.  (As a side note, Patty is an amazing photographer and does a great job highlighting the beauty of her town in Maryland).

It is the sugary foods that do me in and I am trying to transition to healthier, more natural foods.  When it comes to food, I self-sabotage quite often and if I can get to the core of that, I think I will be much more successful.  Good luck to all of you in accomplishing your goals!  And I love all tips and quips!

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  1. Hi Lena
    Great that you have committed to a program to work on your weightloss and acknowledging that doing things on your own is not always the way to go.
    There are always things that we don't know and isn't it wonderful to get information that really gives you insight.
    I too have a sweet tooth and I used to crave for sweet snacks in between meals.
    Recently we have moved from the city to a rural place.
    My partner John has created the most beautiful veggie garden. One of the delighful outcomes has been to notice the difference eating a lot of fresh vegetables has made. Their nutritional value is huge and as a result I feel really well nourished and with that the craving for sweets in between has disappeared; hurray.
    Good luck on your journey, Wilma