Thursday, March 25, 2010

Friday Shoot-Out: Bridges in Black and White

This week's topic was suggested by Elaine from A Scattering who has a beautiful blog, so definitely check it out! 

When I saw that the topic was bridges, I was like, darn, if only this topic came next week!  Saturday I am travelling over a bridge into Philly to the airport to pick up M, who is visiting for her Spring Break.  For those of you not familiar with travelling from South Jersey into Philly, it requires going over a bridge, which includes views of other bridges--a good photo op.  So I archived it this week.
This is one that I took on an earlier trip to the airport (also to pick up M).  This was taken from the car crossing the bridge; don't worry, John was driving!  You can see another bridge in the distance.  We were on the Walt Whitman and I think the other bridge in the distance is the Ben Franklin.

This picture I took on Boston trip last year.  Can I just say what a cool place Boston is?   I just loved visiting and would definitely go again. 

I did not find many bridges in my archive so I used the "bridge of the nose" criteria.
I am wearing a Santa Hat--in case you were wondering what that white fluffy stuff was. 

And, of course, John of whom I love taking pictures (and he is very patient with me).

I shall end with a bridge haiku.

as the sun sinks slow
painting the sky purple-grey,
I cross the bridge home.

I hope you enjoyed!


  1. I absolutely love the haiku!!

  2. I have to echo Kat's sentiment, the haiku is wonderful. Thanks for the kind compliment about my blog. Cheers, and have a great weekend. Elaine

  3. I enjoyed. And I enjoyed Boston when I visited a few years ago.

    And I enjoyed the Haiku.

    And the bridge of your nose.

  4. Beautiful haiku and that bridge of your nose shot.

  5. What grand bridges - including the nose ones! Love the haiku!

  6. I absolutely enjoyed. What's not to love about this post. Great photos and great haiku.

  7. Your haiku touch was a perfect ending to a perfect blog.

  8. Love the haiku and the pics are fun. The bridge of the nose, that's thinking out of the box.

  9. That is what I heard too. In fact I heard this news that a bridge is going to come down and the people in Vermont is going to have a hard time going to NY? I am that sure but to imagine it that in that area there's a lot of bridges connecting to different places is very cool to visit. From MI, thanks for sharing. Happy weekend!


  10. Glad to see a nice city shot featuring Boston, very nice shot!

  11. Lena - Yes! I agree with all of the above comments

  12. Very your haiku, too :)

  13. cute shots of you and John, and love the haiku also! great shoot out!!

  14. Oh I love this, and why did I not think of the nose bridge angle, lol, how creative you guys!

    He is a handsome subject as well as you!