Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Get Your Poem On

Here is my poem based on prompt #118. 

The New Joy

Your eyes like a turquoise sky
make me fumble like a five cent strumpet.
I thought I knew how to wear this costume
of strength, seem like the mirror of resilience.

I drank the cup of your magenta heart,
fell asleep in your mist.  My furtive dreams
melted away, like nonpareils left in the sun.

I'll water the ferns, make the beds,
not let the dust build
to hold your lion soul.
Pray for death's motor-coach
to come slow,
oh, come slow.


  1. Aw, this is lovely... the ending with its repetition is beautiful.

  2. Sweet - it has a wistful quality that's quite endearing.

  3. You have spun beautiful images with the words in the prompt. Loved reading your poem.

  4. I love how you were able to use all the words in so few lines. Takes a lot of creativity! Your poem is lovely.

  5. I love this! And the last stanza is lovely!

  6. Hey FSO friend- it was nice to see a familiar name on the prompt, and sight! I agree how you use all of the words in a short, but powerful piece is great!

    I need to come over here more often and look around. Did you know I do Muse Monday, for poetry/photos? I hope to get that going...

    Thanks for coming over, and I love how only a few know what nonpareils sugar even how I manage to always make mine about food, lol!

  7. Oh, yes - please be it slow! This is lovely, lovely!

  8. Lovely is the word; soft and gentle.