Sunday, March 7, 2010

One Single Impression and Haikubones

Has it been another week already!!! The prompt from  haikubones is infestation:

(John's daughter painted the above picture on a whim.)

Your love was disease,
crimson, juicy, decadent.
magic infestation.

The prompt from onesingleimpression is hesitation:


Amy Winehouse played
on the radio
singing "no,no,no"

I watched the curve
of your tanned face.

I sing along,
you smile,
I've never even smoked
a cigarette.

I'm stalling
for the moment
wonder if you know
what I'm waiting for.

Fiona Apple comes on next
and I cringe--
enough of these skinny girls
being so meaningful.

Your lips tender
seem to hesitate,

I draw in my breath
across the universe
that is between us.

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  1. enjoyed the one single o poem, however
    the your love is a disease haiku has
    blown me away LUV!

  2. I'm particularly fond of the haiku but the Hesitation poem is lovely, for sure!

  3. Beautiful hesitation poem! Love it!

    Keep on sharing your talent!!!

  4. I loved both poems...gorgeous words! The hesitation poem evoked great visual imagery.

  5. Your haiku: I found myself wondering what made this love "dirty." Your words just brought that to mind — a lurid love affair. It's very effective.

  6. Your love poem was awesome. I enjoyed the OSI poem also but your haiku took my breath away.


  7. i dig amy nonorehab.... sorry for her troubles tho...sorta like billie holiday...anyhow...i love, love, love yr reflections of a kiss waiting on wings....

  8. I love both of your poems; they are rich in imagery~

  9. Your haiku was pure magic! Who couldn't make a meal of desert? Enjoyed the hesitation poem, so easy to remember those times.