Thursday, April 1, 2010

Anger Management (Poem a Day for April)

Since I do not have an ipod or a cd shuffler, I put on "Music Choice" which is basically radio television.  I wrote the titles of the first five songs that played on the Adult Alternative channel.  The songs were:
"Is it any wonder," "Troubled Land," "The Bringdown," "Thank You", "Trash Day"

Anger Management
Is it any wonder
that my mind wanders
like a stranger in a troubled land,
when all that rage has gone unpronounced,
held inside to protect you
and myself
from the Bringdown

that launching anger brings.

I guess I'm supposed to thank you,
for teaching me more self-control,
better anger management,
forced on me by the need for survival.

Be careful, it's a dangerous game
you play, look out to the curb
on trash day.