Friday, April 2, 2010

Poem two for NaPoWriMo: Regular White Paper

The note was on regular white paper
and I guess I was hoping for something
more fancy, maybe a scroll at the borders
or a tiny purple flower winding its way
through a vine...

Anything to reveal some secret message
beyond your words; all that's left,
your soul's skeleton in black ink.
I will keep this forever,
but you knew that, probably,
as you wrote, providing
me a souvenir or
your death knell.

I suppose I should forgive you
and this blank message on a carelessly ripped
page from a notebook.
I suppose I should.


  1. The regular white paper makes everything so stark and final, nothing to distract the attention or soften the blow. Seems the writers of these notes always want to be businesslike!