Sunday, May 30, 2010

One Single Impression: Love

The prompt from onesingleimpression is love.  I am doing an encore of a poem I wrote in February.  I hope you enjoy!!

In the City

In the city, he tries to come clean
get lost in all the noise,
the cacophony like a Greek chorus
gone mad.

The shoosh of the subway
slides into the station,
her whispers remain against his ear
her voice like the whip of a flag
waving over a foreign territory.

Her body lying still, covers her thoughts
like a soft sand.

He finds his way up the stairs,
the buildings stare down at him
like sentinels guarding some secret
of a lost age.

How huge and small he feels
as he finds his way among the dead
faces, he's never felt more awake
or more


A clogged artery
the dog that barks at night
the sidewalk has failed.


  1. Great images here and word sounds.

  2. The visual imagery in this poem is fantastic...I felt such a sadness and a yearning behind the words. Wonderful!

  3. A beautiful poem. Exquisite imagery and deep emotion.

  4. AMAZING.. one of the most powerful works of poetry I've ever come across in blogland! Brilliant imagery, and so, so deep.. You manage to come up with the perfect lines to translate your concept into this delightful poetry. Bravo!

  5. I like the way you weave images of the city within the relationship you describe in your poem. Well done.

  6. through your words you have taken me in to this tale, powerful piece.

  7. powerful a poem this is...

  8. stunning imagery – the stark anonymity of the city, how it all melts away...

  9. Master piece.. what tapestry of words.. so fresh and fragrant..something very unique for me.. great work.. loved it..

  10. I can feel the emotion from the words. nicely done.