Sunday, June 13, 2010

One Single Impression: Oubliette

The prompt from onesingleimpression is oubliette.

Love is Not A Blue Sky

She liked his Romeo eyes,
so tried to be a soft Juliette.
In her blood, hearts rise,
but how real is a mystery yet.

She thinks about amber skies,
milky clouds in a creamy sunset;
too young for indigo sighs
that mask the broken lovers fret.

With you, I'll gently break these ties,
sing a new song, see what I get.
I know the grey, dingy cries
that echo from this oubliette.


  1. Especially loved the last couplet.

  2. Creative and beautiful writing here. I love the rhyme and flow in this piece.

  3. This flowed like a beautiful song...gorgeous.

  4. This makes me think how nice it must be to break the ties, to genuinely, confidently love.

  5. This is beautifully written- so gentle...

  6. Cool and gentle song :)
    Thanks for sharing with us!