Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Shoot-Out Transitions

This week's topic is from redlan and is transitions.  I chose to go with natural transitions. 
Here are some seeds ready to burst into a bright yelllow dandelion.
A beautiful catepillar that will one day be a beautiful butterfly.
And here are some gooslings that will someday be geese.
Here is a log that is definitely on a journey.And a feather on a journey.

An egg on the way to being breakfast.
Water is the most changeable, flowing, malleable, and powerful.

Hope you enjoyed my transitions!  Also, for those of you wondering about my cat Winston, he has been at University of Pennsylvania for over a week.  It turned out to be a hugely bad case of irritable bowel which caused the anemia due to intestinal bleeding.  He is coming home today and on his way to recovery.  Although the financial hit was hard, I am so glad to have my kitty coming home and healing!


  1. Hi SOL, thanks for stopping by. I did enjoy your interpretation of transitions. They are right on. Love the caterpillar and butterfly example. So glad your Kitty is better. Blessings

  2. Love, LOVE the egg on the way to being breakfast, it definitely brought some humor the the theme :) I'm glad to hear that your kitty is doing better!

  3. I agree with you about water; it's so powerful. And I am glad to hear that your kitty is on the way to recovery; it's always bad when a beloved pet gets sick like this.

  4. I enjoy your interpretations, love that shot of the caterpillar best.

  5. I really enjoyed the differant ways you saw Transitions.

  6. Loved the dandelion and the egg! So different yet both so apt for the topic!

    Glad your cat is getting Better, I can imagine your relief!

  7. cute kitty! you really put a lot of thought into this post. very creative!!