Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Year in Review: 36 already!!

Yesterday was my birthday.  John and his daughter made me some marinated Tilapia with potatoes and asparagus.  It was delicious! They also gave me some nice gifts including books, a sun hat, candy, and the DVD ONCE (BLU-RAY)Last year, John gave me the soundtrack to Once, which I listen to quite often. 

John and I talked about how we both feel that birthdays are a better time than New Years to review one's life and come up with "resolutions".  Birthdays are more personal and motivating than New Years, which seems more global and general.  Every year as an adult that I grow older, I am reminded that my life will not go on forever.  My time is decreasing every day so it is imperative that I make the most of each moment I am given. 

So, looking back on my past and looking forward to my future, I know how I want to be in the present: joyful, kind, and creative.  I am going to write a novel this summer and do much more art.  There is not enough time in one lifetime to focus on negativity.  Although I do get angry, jealous, frustrated and self-pitying from time to time like all humans, I will not give it energy or legitamacy.  I'll let it pass like clouds in the sky.  I feel very lucky to be alive and have what I have. 

What about you?  Have an upcoming birthday?  What do you think about when faced with another year older? 

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