Thursday, August 12, 2010

Friday Shoot Out: Roads and Pathways

This week's Friday Shoot-Out topic comes from me!  You can read my reason for the topic at

Photography is a hobby of mine.  One of my favorite subjects to shoot are pathways.  The shot above I took on a "photo walk" I took with my fiance's daughter. 

I took this shot on a photo walk as well.  This shot kind of makes me think of a girl with a lion, tinman, and scarecrow skipping along (and her little dog too).

The three above shots I took just because I love taking pictures of roads.  I take my camera with me everywhere because you never know when your eye will have a vision.

I recently went whale watching and shot this bridge in Cape May, NJ.  We did not see any whales but we saw many dolphins. 

I also spent a week at Wildwood, NJ--it has the best boardwalk!  You can see a roller coaster in the distance.  The beach is also very long--plenty of room for everyone!  Below is the sign you see as you leave the boardwalk.

Hope you enjoyed.  You are now leaving the blog of fame and happiness.


  1. That one does really look like the yellow brick road, doesn't it? Thanks for the good topic!

  2. Thanks for a very enjoyable topic this week, Lena. Loved your shots. The icy one reminds me of why I live in Florida. LOL

  3. Lovely collection of photos, but my favorite is the road during winter.

  4. I liked the pathway too. This was a great subject Lena. The pathway to the front door is great too. That has such meaning. Love the interviews. Great job.

  5. I like Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz after my daughter performed in the musical, She wasn't Dorothy but the good witch of the north. So when the other witches were dress ugly, she was dressed like a fairy, And my daughter was the most beautiful girl on the stage. AHEM!!!!!

  6. Thanks for the great topic, Lena. I did so enjoy it. You have some lovely roads and paths. Love the welcoming path to the front door and the icey road shots! Living where I do, I wouldn't know what to do if I saw ice on a road!

  7. I like the way you have shown the same road in three different perspectives. (I just looked again, maybe not the same road!) fantastic post and thanks for the great theme for this week.