Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Shoot Out--Shooter's Choice

This week's assignment from FSO is shooter's choice.  I decided this would be a good opportunity to share some of my past favorites that really represent Vineland, NJ to me.  As some of you may know, I have lived in Vineland for about two years now.  I moved here to be with my then boyfriend, now fiance', John.   Living with many trees behind our apartment, we see many birds as you see above and below.

One thing I have always loved about living in southern New Jersey, especially the less populated towns, is the variety of trees. 

Also, another aspect of Vineland that I like are the farms and ranches.  One family even has llamas (which I hope to someday photograph and share here).  Many have horses.

There is also an outside shrine nearby dedicated to Padre Pio.  This angel was photographed there. 

Every year we get a winter wonderland behind our apartment.

About ten to fifteen minutes from where we live, there is Wheaton Village, which is a glass museum.  Every year in June, they have a Fantasy Faire.  These dancers performed there.  The museum itself has some beautiful and amazing pieces.  It is amazing all the things that can be made with glass not to mention the beautiful glass art!

One of the best surprises I discovered in moving to Vineland are the flowers.  Across from John's old apartment, there was a huge field of sunflowers--my favorite flower--oh the sudden and simple joys of life!

I hope you all have a sunny day and that you've enjoyed your visit!!  By the way, I just launched a new blog about mindfulness if you want to visit me there, too.


  1. I loved this look around your town Lena. love the winter wonderland shot. I can relate to that!! have a great weekend!

  2. I will be moving to Vineland. love the icicles in winter and sunflowers in summer. What else can a girl ask for?

  3. I love the sunflowers! and that glass museum sound so interesting, perhaps I should join Ann on moving to Vineland too.

  4. Great shoot-out. Your winter wonderland photo is beautiful although in real life I'd rather experience the sunflowers.

  5. seems to be a great place. less populated, variety of trees are 2 facts which i'd consider too when i'll be settling down for good :)