Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Shoot-Out: Hot and Cold

The FSO topic this week is hot and cold.  It couldn't be better timing for this time of year in my neck of the woods.  These past few weeks, I feel like putting on my heater in the morning and night while putting the air on in the afternoon.  I also like the idea of taking pictures of contrasting concepts.  Here are my shots:
The above picture was taken right outside my apartment.

I liked the way the light hit the ice in the sink.

                                             How about some cool, delicious watermelon?
Or deliciously hot coffee on a cold morning?

Here is the cool water of the Atlantic Ocean lapping onto the hot sand of Atlantic City.

Hope you enjoyed!!


  1. Chilled watermelons are perfect for our hot weather! I love that first shot, but it does send a shiver to my spine, with that much snow!

  2. Love the ice in the sink shot! And that first one does make one shiver, as Jama said.

  3. like them all Lena. last one is very cool and always a hot cup of coffee is nice. I think I am addicted to it........ :-)