Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Shoot-Out Patterns

This week's FSO is patterns.  This is one of my favorite topics.  There are so many patterns in nature, with so many wonderful colors and shapes.  I am constantly seeing ones I want to photograph.  Here are some of the patterns that I have found interesting.

 The picture above was taken in Atlantic City. 
 This picture is one of my favorites taken at the Butterfly Pavilion in Broomfield, CO.  It is a photographer's paradise.
 This is from flowers that John gave me--he is very sweet.

 I don't even remember where I took these two shots.  I just found the patterns interesting and snapped away. 

These stones are around my apartment complex.  They are a great example of "art in nature".  I hope you enjoyed!


  1. Those stripes at the water's edge are an interesting texture-y pattern, and the center of the flower is a perfect pattern, isn't it?

  2. Water at the beach, no two pattern is the same. I can't wait to go to my beach again.

  3. Love the pattern of the water!

  4. love your patterns also Lena. the water one is awesome!! love that one.

  5. Lena,

    I love noticing patterns in nature. They reinforce my belief about order in nature and the universe -- despite the seeming chaos we experience periodically.

    Thanks for sharing your pictures.

    Best wishes.


  6. Lovely natural patterns. They are certainly hard to beat. Love the first shot!