Saturday, November 27, 2010

Six Word Saturday

Why I named my cat Magnum.

Doreen from my reflections as I shutter along recently asked me how I named my cat Magnum.  I actually did not name him; he was originally my sister's cat.  She got him when she lived in Denver, Colorado.  I moved out with her when I finished my undergraduate degree.  She had another cat at that time, Simon.  When my sister was much younger, she was a huge fan of detective shows so Magnum is named after Magnum PI and Simon was named after the show Simon and Simon.  I'm surprised she never had a Remington Steele!  Magnum tends to be an anxious cat, but no matter how scared he has gotten, he has never become aggressive.  He is very sweet and gentle.  He is going to be  fifteen next month.  I am very thankful for my cats; they are an important part of the family.


  1. I used to watch that show all the time. I loved it. Nice name

    Happy 6WS

  2. thanks for the answer Lena. I used to watch all of those shows. Magnum was a total favorite of mine, because of Tom Selleck....... yum yum!! if he only had a deeper voice he would be perfect!!


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