Friday, March 25, 2011

Memories of Yellow

For this post, I have decided to also use it as a poetry prompt.  Hope you enjoy!   For more, check out mytownshootout

Memories of Yellow

What have we done
in honor of yellow,
marked our books
with checks, then highlighted,
wiped our brow
under an ochre sun?
The blue moon hazes its way
through the night sky,
stars turning silver,
then golden, wink
their yellow mist.

I dreamed you once,
holding out your hands,
scattering and scattering stars.
Your face, your eyes, everything I had known of you
all of it covered in a haze, a menacing halo
of fading


  1. Pretty yellow flowers and very creative shot with the yellow egg yolk. I enjoyed your poem....very thoughtful. Nice job with this theme.

  2. The poem compliments your photos perfectly. Love the flowers - and the egg.

  3. beautiful flowers. Love the duck crossing sign.

  4. love the third photo and the poem is fantastic Lena. very impressive.

  5. What a great poem Lena. I love your writing. The first photo of the sunflowers is my favorite.

  6. very well done job.

    dream you once,
    hold out hands..

    perfect wording..

  7. share your talent with us today,

    check out poetry potluck week 28, hope to see you in.

    bless your talent,

    you rock.

  8. I liked your poem and liked your unexpected (to me, anyway) ending.