Thursday, April 28, 2011

Shoot Out Textures

The friday shoot out theme for this week is textures.  I love this theme and find textures attracting when taking photos. 
 Here is my cat Winston.  His fur is quite soft.
 I love the design of multiple stones.  Great colors, shapes, and textures--all different yet they go together perfectly.
 This was taken at the Butterfly Pavilion in Broomfield, CO.  I love taking pictures there!
 I caught this caterpillar while at the Fantasy Faire at Wheaton Village (they have a great glass museum there).
 I captured this on a walk around the neighborhood.
 Another one from the Butterfly Pavilion.  I loved the contrast of the delicate butterfly against the rough cactus.
This picture is from a set I took of a house near where I live.  I just find the house interesting.

Well, I hope you enjoyed!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Friday Shoot-Out: Places of Worship

The my town shoot out subject this week is places of worship. 

The above four pictures were taken at an outside place of worship which has a large statue (inside the triangular structure) of Padre Pio.  It is located in Buena, I believe, which is next door to Vineland, which is my town.  I like the idea of it being outside, adding something natural and organic to the sacred.
This is a church in Washington DC.  I took this picture from our tour bus.  We were on the top of the double-decker--had to watch out for branches!

This church is in Boston.  Boston is a wonderful place to visit!  I went there for a conference and I hope to get back there for a visit someday!

I hope you enjoyed.  Have a great weekend, everyone!!