Thursday, April 28, 2011

Shoot Out Textures

The friday shoot out theme for this week is textures.  I love this theme and find textures attracting when taking photos. 
 Here is my cat Winston.  His fur is quite soft.
 I love the design of multiple stones.  Great colors, shapes, and textures--all different yet they go together perfectly.
 This was taken at the Butterfly Pavilion in Broomfield, CO.  I love taking pictures there!
 I caught this caterpillar while at the Fantasy Faire at Wheaton Village (they have a great glass museum there).
 I captured this on a walk around the neighborhood.
 Another one from the Butterfly Pavilion.  I loved the contrast of the delicate butterfly against the rough cactus.
This picture is from a set I took of a house near where I live.  I just find the house interesting.

Well, I hope you enjoyed!!


  1. Yes a great group of textures. Love the butterfly. The shot of the house is great too.

  2. Neat collection of textures, especially the kitty's fur in the sunlight.

  3. Wonderful pictures. And brave butterfly to land on that cactus ;)

  4. Beautiful texture selection. I wonder if the butterfly felt itchy after it landed on the cactus ^_^ Thanks for the visit!

    Friday shoot out

  5. Your kitty looks so soft lying there in the sunlight! Nice variety of pictures; I enjoyed them.

  6. love the kitty shot but my fav is the caterpillar on the rough bark. Hi Lena!!

  7. I love the catapiller.... the colors are wonderfull. great shootout.

  8. Love the caterpillar shot although that's one texture I don't want to touch. Also love the light resting on the warm kitty fur.