Thursday, June 30, 2011


The my town shoot out theme for this week is simplicity.  I have not particpated in a while due to not having a computer!  Plus, I got married which consumed much of my time for several weeks.  I hope everyone has been well!

This represents simplicity to me because of the focus on the geometric aspects of the bridge.  I also like simplicity in terms of an image being a metaphor for something singular yet deeply meaningful.  Bridges are this type of metaphor, an archetype, a universal message.
Hope you enjoyed!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Flag Shoot-Out

The theme this week from FSO is flags.  I have not participated in a few weeks because I have been busy getting ready for my wedding which is Sunday.  Weddings are stressful to put together!!  Anyway, here are some of my flag shots:

The first shot was taken in Washington DC.  The second shot was taken at a bar near where I live.  That is my fiancee' next to the flag. 
Hope you enjoyed--let your creative flag fly!