Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Now the Eyes, Now the Ears: Why I love Poetry

So many people have tackled trying to define poetry and its role in human existence. I think that the power of poetry is that it does not follow the typical logic of language. It takes language and makes it into something more holistic, less linear, more subconscious. When we read and connect with a poem, it is like something has communicated with a deep part of us that some do not connect with their entire lives. One of my favorite poets who captured the "soul talk" brilliantly was ee cummings. There is something miraculous in the way he used language. When he says in one of his poems, "now the ears of my ears awake" it captures exactly how I feel about poetry. A good poem will make me feel like I am listening with something beyond the sensory apparatus of my ears. I feel it deep in my guts rising through me, and I truly experience "now the eyes of my eyes are opened".    In fact this poem by ee cummings captures for me what it is to connect with a poem. 
However, not just poetry has these moments.  Some of this type of language can be found in song lyrics.  I talk about some of my favorite song lyrics here:
There are also some pieces of writing that are considered prose but have this type of poetic language. One example that has some of my favorite descriptions is F.Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby".  Sometimes when I read or hear this type of language, like in this novel, it takes my breath away by fact of its incredible beauty.
To read the poem by ee cummings with these lines, you can find it at

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Small Medium Large

The friday shoot out challenge this week is small medium large. 

 Here is a large body of water, the Atlantic Ocean down at the Jersey Shore (not that Jersey Shore!).  This is at Sea Isle City.
 Here is a medium sized lake at a park near where I live.
Here is a small lake.

Hope you enjoyed my interpretation!