Thursday, June 9, 2016

Friday Shoot-Out; At the Park

One of the great things about living in New Jersey are all the trees.  This lake pictured in the first few pictures is a great place to meet and take a walk.  The pictures with my dog Leia are from Freedom Park in Medford.  New Jersey has many great parks to go walk, meet, sit, or have a picnic.  There are parks that welcome dogs and give them a running area where they can be off-leash so dogs have a place to meet too!  My dog has just started her own blog


  1. It does look like a nice place to take a walk.

    1. Yes, it's serene and there are places to sit and look out at the water if you want to just chill out, read, or talk.

  2. I love the Canada Geese photo, they are such beautiful birds. What a great place to relax & Leia looks like she had a great time.