Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Grounds for Sculpture: Art and the Outdoors

I recently visited Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton New Jersey.  I love this place.  There are so many sculptures all over the large grounds.  The sculptures are in all sorts of styles as well as sizes.  Some of them are breath-taking in their largeness.  While there, we ate at Rats, a fine-dining restaurant with a French emphasis.  The food was delicious.  There are also more casual dining options on the grounds.  The art of the sculptures are not the only attraction.  The landscaping has its own art.  They have manicured the grounds with the sculptures in mind so that there is this really great synergy between nature and art.  The last picture shown is not a sculpture but a baby robin that was crying out in one of the trees.  We did not know what kind of bird it was and some birders helped us identify it.  If you live in New Jersey or are visiting, I highly recommend checking Grounds for Sculpture out!!

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