Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday Shoot-Out Touch the Sky

Here is a baby Robin we saw at our trip to Grounds for Sculpture.  
We were not sure what it was and a woman there who has been birding for over twenty years told us. 
The picture above and below were taken in Avalon New Jersey.  Above is the path to the beach and as you can see from the sky, it was a fairly decent beach day.  In the picture below, you see the famous Lucy the Elephant.  There is a decent snack bar in front of Lucy so you can take a picture with Lucy and get a bite to eat, which is what my husband and I did!
Avalon Post

 Although it is a bit foggy, you can see the Atlantic City skyline from Avalon.
The pic above was taken at a local dog beach.  Our dog Leia was not interested in getting in the water and almost adopted a new owner who was further away from the ocean.

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