Thursday, October 13, 2016

I Love Silverball

When most people think of Asbury Park, they think of the Stone Pony where Bruce Springstein got his start.  However, I went there yesterday for a different reason.  I went to visit the Silver Ball Museum Arcade.  It is right off of the boardwalk in Asbury Park and one block from the Stone Pony.  They are open all year round.   I love pinball and hope to have a pinball machine someday.  Silverball has pinball machines from the last several decades.  They have the history of each pinball machine so if you are interested in their history, you can learn about them.  The great part is you can play all of them for a flat fee.  You can play for half an hour, an hour, or all day.  They also have classic video games such as Ms. Pacman, Galaga and Donkey Kong.  I have so much fun there and could spend several hours.

They do have food available such as pizza, pretzels, and chicken fingers, but my husband and I, along with my stepdaughter decided to check out Porta.  Porta is a high end pizza place within walking distance of Silverball.  They have long tables for family style seating and a relaxed, unique ambiance.  Porta also has a bar area.  We were there at lunch time and it seemed kid-friendly at that time.  We shared the Shrimp Boat pizza and the Margherita pizza.  The Shrimp Boat was quite spicy but delicious.  The Margherita pizza was more classic and delicious.  They also had desserts such as pine nut pie (similar to pecan pie but lighter) which was amazing and chocolate pizza which was delicious as well.

The Asbury Park boardwalk and the town itself are relatively dog friendly.  We saw many people walking the boardwalk with their dogs which is apparently just fine in the off season.  During the summer months, they have a section of the beach where you can bring your dog.  Many of the restaurants have outside seating where you can have your dog as well.  We have not brought our dog yet but might in the future.  My dog has her own blog  

I cannot wait to go back to the Silverball.  It is a great place to reconnect with your inner child and just play some games!  Plus, you can walk the beach while you are there and have many great eating options on and off the boardwalk.  Also, you can check out some cool bands at the nearby Stone Pony.

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