Monday, November 7, 2016

Favorite Poem Monday---cummings and whitman

One of my favorite poets of all time is ee cummings.  I know a lot of people share this sentiment.  There is something about his style and approach that I find extremely appealing.  His poetry makes my right brain tingle.  A poem of his that I have practically memorized from reading so much is "since feeling is first".  Here is the poem being read with the text shown.

It is hard to write about romantic love without being cliche' or cheesy.  When I read truly great love poems, it is such a pleasure.  ee cummings is one of my favorites in terms of great love poets.  Shakespeare and Pablo Neruda are two other ones that I love.  Let me know if there is a poet you love who tackles this subject in a way you find amazing!

A poem that I think has a similar theme as cumming's poem is Walt Whitman's "When I Heard the Learn'd Astronomer".  Whitman's poems seem to have such a vibrant energy and express being in love with the world.

Above is a reading of that poem with text.

 I love how both poems express the difference between poetic experience and poetic expression. Ironically, they both express the uselessness of words and the value of visceral experience by using words.

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